Packing / Shipping to any country

Packing: We carefully pack the goods to avoid any damages.For most of our products we pack one box into one box.

Shipping fees: Shipping is provided by the global shipping company "Happy Post" , that offers tracking and home delivery at cost efficiency.

For Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and The Netherlands, consult the "expédition" tab.

For all other countries, we are happy to provide shipping cost prior your placing your order. Fyi, when placing your order, you pay an advanced shipping fees (25€). Once your order is packed, we will edit an invoice for you to pay the shipping fees minus the advance. E.g. 7kgs to Japan, cost is 60 euros.

Les clients résidant à l'étranger règlent un acompte sur frais de port lors de leur commande. Nous pouvons à leur demande, avant l'achat ou après, évaluer le montant approximatif des frais de port mais le prix de l'expédition ne sera garanti que lorsque nous émettons une facture pour le montant des frais de port , déduction faite de l'acompte réglé lors du passage de la commande. A défaut de règlement des frais de port par l'acheteur sous un délai de 3 mois, la commande sera annulée par le vendeur et l'acheteur ne pourra se prévaloir d'un quelconque remboursement.
Lors de l'émission de la facture des frais de port, si le client décide de ne pas donner suite et souhaite annuler sa commande, il pourra le faire et sera remboursé moyennant une retenue de 30€ par commande correspondant aux frais de gestion de sa commande, emballage et expédition annulées.
Customers residing abroad pay a deposit on shipping fees when placing their order. We can, at their request, before their purchase, estimate the approximate amount of the shipping fees. Given the fact that the shipping fees are based on the size of the box and its weight, the final price of the shipment will not be guaranteed until finish the packing the order, and at that time only we issue a second invoice for the remaining amount of the shipping fees (the deposit paid when placing the order will have been deducted).
If the client fails to pay the shipping costs within 3 months time after the issue of the shipping cost, the order will be cancelled and the client will not have the option to claim any refund.
At the time when we issue the second invoice for the shipping fees, if the customer decides not to pay the shipping fees and wishes to cancel their order, he can do so and will be refunded subject to a deduction of 30 euros per order, as the value of the time spent to prepare, pack and unpack the order, the raw materials wasted and the management cost of his order.